How To Dewinterize Your Boat

How To Dewinterize Your Boat photo wide

As the months warm up and the sun makes its appearance through the rain clouds, boat owners start to pull their boats out of storage. You may be tempted to toss off the cover, hitch up the trailer and go, but your boat has been sitting in storage for months and could use a little tuning up before she’s seaworthy. Master Marine Boat Center is your local boat dealership in Mount Vernon, Washington and we’re pros when it comes to sprucing up your boat to get her ready to hit the waves this summer. Follow this brief guide to make your boat ship-shape in no time!

Inspect Your Craft

Right after you take your boat out of the garage, shed or even just uncover her on the driveway, you’ll want to perform a close visual inspection. Open up her hatches and remove all the coverings to look for mold, mildew and signs of animals that might have inhabited your craft over the winter. Pay particular attention to your hull, which likely won’t have been damaged over the winter, but could have sustained some cracks or damage in the fall that you did not notice. Anything that seems amiss requires service. You can call the Master Marine Boat Center to schedule an appointment if you need professional help.

Engine Maintenance

Your engine starts everything off, so you’ll need to make sure it’s in good running order. For outboards, remove the nacelle to have a look around. Inboards require opening up the engine bay. Check coolant and oil levels to make sure they’re topped up and filled with good-quality fluids. You may want to pull out a few spark plugs to test their functionality, too. It’s best to find flaws with your engine now rather than waiting for them to be revealed out on the water.

Check Electronics & Safety Equipment

You’ll want to gather all those handy electronic devices you rely on during your boating excursions and check them to see that they work correctly. Test out your fish finder, GPS system, auxiliary power, emergency radios and whatever other devices you usually carry.

While you’re at it, you should check out your boat’s safety gear to make sure it’s up to date and functional. Life jackets, personal flotation devices, first aid kits, emergency signals, flares and radios are all essentials on your boat. If they somehow made their way off the craft or anything has expired, replace it.

Canvas Repair

The cover of your boat is most likely going to have some issues after storage. Clean off any mold or mildew you find and search it for rips or tears. These need to be patched or sewn up before your cover can serve you well into the summer and fall months. UV exposure can wear down the fibers on this and on your boat’s seat covers, too, making holes more likely.

Do A Clean Sweep

Before you put her in storage, you probably cleaned up your boat to some degree, but all those weeks in the garage or out back will have made things rather dusty. You might also need to address some mildew concerns and sweep away dead leaves and any animal detritus from visiting critters. Polish your boat’s chrome until it gleams in the sun, wipe down the console and shine up the glass so she shines on the water. It’s a small step, but it’ll make all the difference to your passengers to be on a nice clean craft.

If you’re in the market for a new or used boat, we’ve got what you’re looking for at our Mount Vernon dealership. Master Marine Boat Center serves the greater Seattle metropolitan area, including Tacoma, Washington. We’re also here for our customers coming down from the beautiful state of Alaska in search of a great boat dealer!