How to Pick the Right Fishing Boat

How to Pick the Right Fishing Boat

Fishing boats are a great way to elevate your fishing game. No longer are you confined to the meager strip of shore. Fishing boats open up your casting options while boosting the relaxation part of your trip. Sitting on a tranquil lank in a comfortable chair is much better than fighting mosquitos on land.

But deciding to buy a fishing boat and knowing what kind to buy are entirely different things! It can be tricky navigating the vast world of fishing boats. There are so many options! We put together the following guide to picking the right fishing boat below. When you are ready to look at fishing boats, visit Master Marine. We proudly serve those near Seattle.

Types of Fishing Boats

Your fishing boat quest is determined by the type of fishing you prefer. Do you enjoy the leisurely time found fishing on a river or lake? Or does the adventure of the open ocean call your name? Each differing body of water requires different fishing boat features.

For freshwater fishing, you’ll need a boat able to push past large objects (such as rocks and logs). Aluminum fishing boats are sturdy enough to handle these obstacles but light enough to coast through the waters with ease.

For saltwater fishing, you’ll need an impenetrable fortress of a boat. The ocean waters are much harsher seas to conquer with their depths and waves. You’ll need a sturdy boat that can take what Mother Nature dishes out. You also need a boat with responsive handling so you can stay in control regardless of how rough the seas are.

While you search for fishing boats, think about if you want a multi-purpose option. Do you envision more adventures beyond fishing? A center console boat or pontoon boat can be your avenue to fishing, towing watersports enthusiasts, puttering around the bay, and other activities.

Size of Fishing Boats

You will also want to consider the size of the boat. Think about how many people you hope to bring on board. You’ll need enough room for them all to sit down and walk around. But size does come at some costs. They cost more to store. Maintenance and washing take longer. They guzzle more fuel to run. Then there’s the financial aspect. Larger boats will cost more.

Features of Fishing Boats

Fishing boats range in the features they offer. Sure, a basic boat can get the job done. But spending extra to get more features can really improve your time on the water.

Some features make you more comfortable. There are fishing boats that have shade or covering to shield you from weather’s annoyances. Escape the beating sun or drizzling rain underneath one with ease.

Other features improve your fishing ability. A depth gauge helps you instantly measure the depths of the water below. This makes it easier to frequent areas where your ideal catch lurks. These are just a glimpse of the many features fishing boats can include.

Engines on Fishing Boats

Fishing boats also vary in the types of engines they run. Surface drive and longtail motors work well in shallow, weed-covered waters. Outboard motors and the classic propellor design work well on hitting high speeds on open waters. The type of fishing you do will impact the type of motor you need.

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