How To Stay Warm on Your Boat

How To Stay Warm on Your Boat

Some boaters choose to put their crafts away for the winter season. Other people (like you) may be more adventurous and eager to continue boating for as long as possible, or even all year round. Maybe you’re really into deep-sea fishing or maybe you just want to take cruises with some hot cocoa in a thermos. Either way, it pays to be prepared and one of the things you’ll need to prepare for is the cold. No matter where you go, the temperatures on the water are colder than on land and this only gets worse in winter.

Master Marine here in Seattle, Washington, is proud to be your Pacific Northwest boat dealer. As such, we’ve provided this guide to help you and your passengers stay cozy and warm on your boat this fall and winter, whether you’re going out into the sound or exploring off the coast.

Layer Up Your Clothing

The easiest way to stay warm in the cold is to layer up your clothing. This is a much better strategy than simply putting a bulky coat on over your street clothes because layering allows you to control your body temperature and keep yourself better insulated. Start with a wicking base layer like thermal underwear, then add on thin layers of wool or fleece on top and heavy jeans or corduroys on your bottom half. You can add more thin layers as you need them or remove them when you get to shore where it’s warmer. Add a waterproof and windproof outer layer in the form of a coat or jacket so that you’re shielded against the weather.


In addition to those layers, you’re going to need to put on some cold-weather accessories while boating. A snug-fitting wool cap with earflaps will keep your head and ears warm. Add a neck gaiter or close-fitting cowl, a pair of fingerless insulated gloves and some thick wool socks. Then wear your waterproof boots to keep your feet dry and toasty. It’s a good idea to bring some extra pairs of socks or gloves in case yours get wet so that you can keep yourself dry.

Bring Some Blankets

Blankets may seem like a pretty low-tech solution, but they do work! Pack several wool or fleece blankets on your boat in a dry container or storage bay to pull out when you need them. Toss one over your lap while fishing or bundle up the kids in a blanket when they catch a chill. Make sure to examine the blankets for signs of mold or mildew and to wash them and dry them on a regular basis so they stay in good condition.

Invest in an Electric Heater

If you have an enclosed cabin and a power source with the right voltage, you might want to buy an electric heater for your boat to keep you warm. You’ll want to check out marine-friendly options that are designed to withstand chop without tipping over, and are also designed to shut down if they do tip over to prevent fires. Make sure that you equip your boat with a fire extinguisher and a carbon monoxide monitor if you go this route, though.

These tips, plus some common sense, should help you boat in the cold without suffering the effects of it. Still need a boat? Come see us at our location in Seattle to investigate our current inventory of new and used boats for sale in many different styles. Master Marine serves all of our Puget Sound customers, including those of you in Tacoma, WA.