Out of State Purchases

We have many customers who live outside of Washington state, so if you would like to purchase a boat and license it in another state, we are happy to help!


**There is no Washington State sales tax if you provide us with your current out of state driver’s license and one of the following with a physical address that matches your current drivers license:

  • Current fishing/hunting license
  • Most Current Utility bill (water, power, gas, hardline phone)
  • Current Voters Registration Card

We only need two pieces of qualified identification and you will need to fill out Washington Tax Exempt Forms. Once the boat is paid in full we will release Manufacturers Statements of Origin (MSO’s) on new boats and titles on used boats.

You will be responsible for licensing/registering or paying taxes due at final destination.

Shipping to Canada

We have extensive experience with transporting marine vehicles from the United States to Canada, since we are only an hour from the Canadian border. We’ve worked hard to make this process as simple as possible:

**No Washington sales tax.

  • We provide you with a purchase order for the boat and a separate one for the trailer as well as the manufacturer’s statement of origin (titles).
  • You will pay no duty at the border but you will pay your regular Provincial tax, fill out a quick form and then be on your way.
  • We will also provide you with a letter of no recall for the trailer which you will need when the trailer is inspected at Canadian Tire for licensing.

We will need:

  • A copy of your Canadian driver’s license
  • A second form of ID with a matching address such as a current fishing/hunting license or a utility bill (gas, water, power, phone).

You can find more information ion the following websites:


Humpback WhalesWe have customers from all over Alaska including Juneau, Ketchikan, Petersburg, and Wasilla. Believe it or not, the price for purchasing and shipping at our boat center can oftentimes be less expensive than buying a boat in Alaska (and you will likely not have to pay Washington sales tax)!

Unlike many boat dealers in Alaska, we are more than happy to switch the motor on your boat or provide you with valuable advice on upgrades. We are a quick trip from Juneau, Alaska to Bellingham International Airport or to the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. One way flights are typically less than three hours or you may choose to stay aboard a comfortable cruise ship and work your way down the pacific coast. Whatever mode of transportation you choose, we look forward to helping you select the perfect boat for your lifestyle!