Tips for Catching the Perfect Bass

Tips for Catching the Perfect Bass

Bass fishing can be the perfect way to spend a weekend, especially when done from a fishing boat. You head out onto the open waters, cast a line, and soak up the serene vista. Of course, fishing is about more than relaxation – it’s also about catching a trophy! We rounded up the top tips for nabbing that dream bass below. For all your fishing boat needs, visit Master Marine. We proudly serve those in Seattle, Washington.

The Right Spot

Just like in real estate, bass fishing is all about location, location, location! You may own top-of-the-line equipment. You may know the top strategies and fishing tips. But it won’t mean much if you aren’t fishing where there are bass.

Bass tend to gravitate towards spots where they are covered. It helps them sneak up on their prey better. These spots include rocks, wood, boat docks, and other objects that can hide them from sight. Look for these areas while you’re bass fishing to increase your chances of catching something. You can also glance over the map to find likely spots (like ledges or creeks).

The Right Bait

Two big factors affect which fishing bait you’ll use. First, you want to use bait that bass normally eat. Each type of fish gravitates towards a different type of food. Your best bet at hooking a fish is using their favorite tasty snack. Bass aren’t picky eaters and will eat a variety of prey, such as shad and bluegill. Find something within their diet to better entice them to chomp down on your hook.

Second, you want to use bait that best fits the current weather. When you go bass fishing on a cloudy day, you’ll find bass are more active. On these days, opt for moving baits. When you go on sunny days, you’ll find bass tend to hide. On these days, use a bottom bouncing bait to get them to come out. When you go bass fishing and the water is cold, pick slow-moving baits. When you go and the water is warm, choose faster moving baits.

Don’t Rock the Boat

Bass fishing in a boat makes the fishing easier in many ways except for one: the boat itself has the potential to scare away the fish. After all, it’s a big, unknown thing lurking in the water. Animal instincts tell them to shy away from the unknown in case it’s a predator. If you don’t watch out, your fish can (correctly) interpret your fishing boat as a threat and steer clear.

You can minimize the chances of this happening though. When possible, use an electric trolling motor and putter around at a constant speed. Try to avoid using the anchor since it’ll frighten nearby fish. Use long casts since close ones will also spook the fish.

You can also use the wind to help you. Bass are more likely to come out and bite when it’s windy. Plus, the wind causes ripples which decreases the chance the fish will notice your boat. Wait until the wind picks up before putting your boat in the water or moving locations.

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