Useful Fishing Boat Features

Useful Fishing Boat Features

To catch a lot of fish, you need a fishing boat. Fishing from the bank has some big drawbacks like being unable to get to the spots you need to reach, losing track of where you placed parts of your gear and not having a convenient place to store the fish you’ve caught while continuing to fish.

To get the most out of your fishing boat, there are some special features it needs to have. At Master Marine, we want all your fishing trips to be enjoyable and successful ones so we’ve made this list of features that’ll help you be a better angler. For more information or to get a good fishing boat, come to our dealership in Mount Vernon, Washington.


While this add-on may seem frivolous at first, when you’re out on a hot day willing to give an arm and a leg for a cool drink, a cooler is just what you need. Being able to carry food and drinks will help you be able to fish longer and is more economical in the long run if you use your fishing boat frequently. If you like to clean fish as you catch them, you can get a cooler to store your fish.

Rod Locker

Storing your rods in a corner of your garage leads to tangled lines, broken tips and even outright leaving them behind. Good fishing boats have a rod storage option to hold four or more fishing poles that are rigged and ready to be used. This saves you time and hassle, ensuring you have a more relaxing day on the water.

Depth Finder

Unless you have X-ray vision, you won’t know what’s going on below the surface of the water. With a depth finder, you can know how deep the water is and if there’s any chance of running your boat aground. Some fish prefer shallow water, while others thrive deeper down. A depth finder will let you pick a fishing spot depending on which fish you’re hoping to hook.

Rod Holder

This one’s the most obvious addition for any fishing boat, which is why most of them come with rod holders in place. Without the holders, you won’t be able to give your arms a rest or will awkwardly struggle with makeshift options. There are aftermarket rod holders you can fit on the frame of any watercraft, like a pontoon.


Baitwells and livewells come in a variety of sizes, usually around 20 gallons or more. Livewells circulate and aerate water to keep your catch fresh while you continue to fish. The recommended size for a livewell is 1 gallon of water for every 1” of fish. Baitwells are usually smaller and help keep your bait fresh. Many of these now come with macerators that grind any debris left behind, reducing your cleaning and maintenance time.


This is an essential feature for a fishing boat as it helps you keep your boat in place once you’ve chosen a fishing spot. Without it, even gentler currents can have you drifting away from the intended location. Another reason to have an anchor is in case your motor goes out, it’ll keep your boat from drifting into banks or rocks. You’ll be able to stay in place until a larger boat can pull you out.


A T-top roof is what every fishing boat needs to keep its occupants from getting baked in the sun or drenched in the rain. Don’t let whims of the weather keep you from enjoying your day out. You can rest under it while your rods are set up to catch fish. You can also get overhead racks to increase the storage space on your boat.

Emergency Kit

Even the most experienced anglers can find themselves in hot water once in a while. An emergency kit has several items to help you out of tough situations. They usually contain flares, whistles, rescue ropes, flashlights and even mirrors. Many emergency kits can also double as a bailing device in case your boat starts taking on water.

If you’re well-prepared, you’ll have a more enjoyable time and be able to handle any situations that may arise. To get new or pre-owned fishing boats, head to Master Marine in Mount Vernon, Washington. We’re always happy to provide tips for anglers of all experience levels. We’re proud to serve the areas of Seattle, Tacoma and Renton, Washington.