Why are Outboard Motors Important?

Why are Outboard Motors Important

Outboard motors are a useful resource in the boating world, providing much-needed power for marine fun. Thanks to their unique design, outboard motors are able to offer many unique benefits. Keep reading to learn more and visit Master Marine to explore outboard motors for sale. Our dealership is based in Seattle, Washington. We also proudly serve those in Tacoma, Washington.

History of Outboard Motors

Before outboard motors came about, people were limited in ways to power a boat. They could use sails, but wind is not reliable or constant. They could use oars, but this was incredibly tiring after a while. Due to the limitations of powering a boat, people had to settle for slow-moving vessels.

In 1870, everything changed. A man named Gustav Trouvé built the first electric-powered outboard motor. Twenty years later, gasoline-powered outboard motors were being created around the world. Inventors in various countries lent their expertise, resulting in the expansion and improvement of outboard motors. Years of innovations led to the outboard motors we see today.

The Purpose of Outboard Motors

The specific mechanics of outboard motors are a bit complicated, but the general idea is that the outboard motor provides power to the propeller (which causes the boat to move). Boat owners steer by tilting the motor casing, which allows the propeller to move the water away at an angle. Some outboard motors are steered by hand while some are steered with a wheel. Opening the throttle will increase the boat’s speed because it’ll cause the outboard motor to burn fuel faster and turn over faster.

Benefits of Outboard Motors

Outboard motors are placed at a unique spot on the boat, which makes them easy to lift out of the water. This design results in plenty of advantages.

1. Decreased Water Hazards

Hazards lurk about in the water, which can interfere with your boat as it is sitting at the dock. For example, fishing line or seaweed can get tangled up in the motor and become problematic. If you own an outboard motor, you can simply take it out of the water and prevent anything from getting caught up in it.

2. Increased Fishing Options

Sometimes the best fish are found in shallow waters. With other motor styles, you would be unable to enter those areas due to the risk of damaging the engine against an obstacle or the bottoms of the water. With an outboard motor, you can remove the engine when you approach the shallow waterways.

3. Simple Replacement

Eventually, the time may come that you want to replace your engine. Maybe it’s finally reached the end of its lifespan. Maybe you want to upgrade to a newer model or one with higher power potential. With an outboard motor, the switch is easy! Just disconnect the current model and replace it with your better-fitting option.

4. Simple Maintenance

All motors will need maintenance to stay running well. Sometimes this is preventative maintenance and other times it involves repairs. Whatever the situation, you will love how easy outboard motors are to maintain. Simply disconnect the outboard motor and examine it for the issue. Then you can tackle the repairs yourself or bring the motor into an expert. Either way, the repairs will be faster and less stressful than they would on other boat motor styles.

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